‘I believe that taking some time away, where you can explore longer Yoga practices in a supportive space, can be a wonderful way to rebalance, relax and renew’

What to expect from a mini-retreat

At a mini-retreat, I join together with fellow British Wheel of Yoga teacher Holly Bedford to offer you an opportunity to give your mind and body a treat.

Whether you are a new or experienced student of Yoga, everyone is welcome to these events, held in beautiful indoor and outdoor locations in Suffolk.

Each of our mini-retreats is themed around a different aspect of Yoga philosophy. We explore postures, breathwork, meditation and relaxation practices to help you experience the holistic body and mind benefits of Yoga, enabling you to move towards stillness.

Light refreshments are included, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us about establishing your own home practice of daily mindfulness to improve wellbeing.

What students say about our mini-retreats

‘Relaxing and nourishing’ Fiona

‘Very good for mind, body and soul’ Sandra

‘Felt so calm and rejuvenated. Slept like a log [afterwards] which I haven’t done for a while.’ Heather