Yoga classes

‘I believe in Yoga as holistic self care, accessible to all’

What to expect from my weekly Hatha Yoga classes

I teach Yoga as a holistic practice for wellbeing.

My Hatha Yoga classes incorporate Yoga philosophy, postures, breathwork, meditation and relaxation practices to improve wellbeing.

I teach a staged approach, which means that the practices are accessible, whatever your starting point today.

I teach with a different focus each month, with each week steadily building and developing your experience of Yoga.

I encourage my students to balance effort and ease in their practice, knowing that without challenge there can be no change.  I aim to teach with warmth, mindfulness and kindness and hope that my students will experience the joy, empowerment and solace I have found in establishing a regular Yoga practice.  To this end I aim to inspire and support my students to establish a home practice alongside classes and to also experience Yoga ‘off the mat.’

What students say about my classes

‘I have noticed that I am more compassionate towards myself, especially when it comes to my body.  I have noticed that I feel stronger, both mentally and physically and I feel more flexible.’  Charlotte

‘The meditations are helping me to be more positive in decisions for my life.’  Mary

‘I am already noticing a positive effect on my breathing when running and find I am able slow this down (to be more in control of my breathing) and be more present.’  Rebecca

‘Makes me feel more relaxed and happy’ Sandra

‘Perfect … relaxed atmosphere, attention to detail for beginners’ Sally

‘The home practice sheets are fabulous’ Jeanne

‘My sense of wellbeing and personal balance has improved’ Rachel

‘Felt relaxed and refreshed’ Daniel

‘I thought I might feel self-conscious, but it feels very friendly and non-competitive which suits me.’ Mary

‘Really good – you always explain things really well and give us different options on positions which I like and plenty of time to try things out.’ Ivana

‘The classes make different positions accessible to me by taking gradual steps and having ‘bus stops.’ Jane