One-to-one sessions

One-to-one bespoke Yoga sessions allow for individual guidance and attention. 

Your session can include a mixture of Yoga philosophy postures, breathwork, meditation and relaxation; alternatively it can focus on one particular aspect of practice. Whatever you choose, the session will be tailored to your particular needs and a home practice sheet will also be provided for you.

These sessions are available face to face at a mutually agreed venue or online via Zoom.

2022 pricing

All prices listed here are for online sessions and include a home practice sheet. Prices for face to face and package options are available on request.

  • 30 minutes (suitable for breathwork or meditation) – £20
  • 60 minutes (suitable for breathwork + meditation or restorative) – £40
  • 90 minutes (suitable for an all-round practice) – £60

Why a one-to-one session?

Reasons to choose a one-to-one session can include:

  • Individual guidance and attention
  • Session designed to meet your particular needs
  • Timing to fit you
  • Receive an introduction to Yoga before joining a class
  • Build and support a home practice
  • Journey towards a particular Asana
  • Get help building a daily breathwork and/or mindfulness meditation practice
  • A gift for the Yogi or Yogini in your life – gift vouchers available

How to book

Contact me here to request your session, check availability and get booked in.

One-to-one sessions questionnaire

So that I can tailor your session to your individual needs, I ask a few questions which help me to plan your practice. 

Download the one-to-one sessions questionnaire here.

Student health questionnaire

In accordance with BWY best practice, I ask all students to complete a health questionnaire prior to attending their first class with me.  This ensures I am aware of any particular conditions which may need special attention and/or modifications during your practice.

The current health questionnaire can be downloaded here, to be completed and returned via