Monday morning Hatha Yoga in Bury St Edmunds

Hatha Yoga Connection

at The Self Centre

Monday mornings, 9.15 to 10.15am

Starts February 13th 2023

About this class

Mind-body connection is strengthened in Hatha Yoga, as we work with movement initiated by breath.  It also helps us to quieten the mind, so that we can reconnect to the peace that is always within us.  And when we come together to practice in a class, we also nurture our connection with each other, which boosts our well-being.

During this intimate small group class you’ll be guided through breathing practices to help you find your inner calm, and postures to stretch and strengthen the body as we move the spine in all directions.  A short meditation follows the physical practices, helping you to become aware of the space that always exists outside your thoughts.  Class ends with relaxation and afterwards, for anyone who wishes, there’s the opportunity to extend the class connection beyond the studio and into the café for a cuppa.

2023 pricing

All pricing for this class is set by The Self Centre, who offer a range of memberships, pay-per-visit prices, discount cards and other offers. More details can be found via the class booking link below.

How to book your place

Bookings for this class can be made directly online with The Self Centre by clicking here, via the Mindbody app or by calling The Self Centre on 01284 769090.